Da vinci code ... 2nd partie

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Papapitchu a tous,

Putain je suis sur le cul...Nous sommes en Thailande, pays a 99/100 bouddhiste, et une poignee de connards de chretien de base sont en passe de censurer les 10 dernieres minutes du film !!! L'hallu totale...

Bon entre le moment ou j'ai eu l'info (hier) et aujourd'hui ca a bouge...le film restera dans son integralite...mais c etait serre 6 votes contre 5 ....c est un pays qui vous surprend tous les jours

L'article du Bangkok post :

Film censors approve 'Da Vinci Code' Board backtracks after appeal by distributor


Thailand's film censorship board yesterday approved the full version of the controversial film The Da Vinci Code, after its distributor appealed against the board's decision on Tuesday to order that the final 10 minutes be cut. The board voted six to five to allow the full version of the film to be shown. It is scheduled to open today.

Chaired by Pol Maj-Gen Somwong Lipiphan, deputy commander of the Central Investigation Bureau, and including Protestant and Catholic representatives, the board viewed the movie for the second time after receiving the appeal from its distributor, Columbia Tristar Buena Vista Films (Thailand).

The controversy erupted after the Thailand Protestant Churches Coordinating Committee, representing four Protestant groups, asked the Royal Thai Police to ban the film, which is based on Dan Brown's bestselling novel of the same title. Critics say it insults Jesus and erodes the Christian faith.

The film features an American professor and a French female detective who uncover a conspiracy in the Catholic Church to conceal a relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Following the Christian protest, the board on Tuesday ordered the distributor to cut the final 10 minutes of the film, change some ''inappropriate'' Thai subtitles such as the words ''Jesus, the deceiver'', and display a warning message before and after the film to remind viewers that it is based on a novel.

Columbia Tristar had appealed against the order to cut the film and the order to display a warning message before and after the movie.

Pol Maj-Gen Somwong said the board finally decided to withdraw the order that the film be cut, but stuck by its decision on subtitle changes and displaying a warning message.

Anucha Chaiyadej, deputy director of Catholic Social Communications of Thailand, who was on a special committee considering the film, said the final decision was a compromise for both sides and he had to accept the board's decision.

He said protestants would not stage any more protests, as they had tried to understand the reasons of both the censorship committee and the film distributor.

Rev Dr Seree Lorgunpai, secretary-general of the Thailand Bible Society, said he had done his best in representing the Christians on the board, and had to accept the final resolution.

He said the Christian society had tried to explain about the The Da Vinci Code to its members since the novel was released, but it was more worrying now that the novel has been made into a film.

The film could ''cause misunderstandings among those who don't know much about Christianity'', said Mr Seree.

Christian groups have already prepared 100,000 copies of guidebooks for people watching the film, to be distributed in front of cinemas.

Taking an optimistic view, Mr Seree said this could be a good chance to create better understanding among Christians and the general public.

Rachot Dhiraputra, the manager of Columbia TriStar Buena Vista Films (Thailand) Co, who showed up at the board's meeting, said he has given a clear explanation to the Christian groups protesting against the film, and would be willing to cooperate in distributing the guidebooks prepared by them.

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Sinon un truc qui n'a rien a voir refile par l ami Damiche aka MR lovelessphone ;)

Du bonheur en boite !!!

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